Welcome to the home of Santa Claus of Monterey County, where the spirit of Christmas and most especially Santa Claus is alive and well.

Vern (aka Santa Claus of Monterey) has lived on the Monterey Peninsula for over four decades. He has joyfully and gratefully been embodying his interpretation of Santa for events, families and charitable organizations whereverOld Saint Nick is needed since 2006.

He brings a special joy and warmth to his portrayal and his kindhearted nature and his natural beard make him well suited, for the task.

Vern stresses that Santa is not just for kids. His mission is to help "bring joy to Christmas," and he enjoys getting the whole family involved."

Annually he enjoys participating in Pacific Grove's annual tree lighting, and events with the MOnterey Fire Department, and Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital to name a few. Whether its visiting a special family, hosting an event or meeting with a corporate group your event will enjoy a bit of the holiday magic with our very own"Real Bearded" Santa Claus of Monterey.

To Enquire About Having Santa at Your Next Event Contact :

Vern Brischke
aka Santa Claus of Monterey
(831) 915-2674


Kelly Productions
824 Munras Ave., Suite D
Monterey, CA 93940
Phone: 831-375-7270
Email : KPcontact@kellypro.com 
Website: www.Kelly Productions.com

Pacific Grove Millworks and Lumber

Just like the original Jolly Old Elf Vern's works during the year in his woodshop (Pacific Grove Millworks and Lumber) making toys, doors, windows and other wonderfully creative artisanal creations. www.pgmillandlumber.com


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"We have booked him many times. He is the real deal. Anyone who works with Vern is lucky to have him."

Moe Ammar, President, Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce

"Vern is awesome, he is great with the kids and is the closest thing to the real deal I've experienced. I highly recommend Vern if you want a great Santa."

Felix Colello, Division Chief, Monterey Fire Department

"Vern did an excellent job as Santa Claus. I plan on calling him to come back."

Fermin Sanchez, Bruno's Market, Carmel




"Real Bearded" Santa Claus of Monterey County, Workshop 673 Ortiz, Sand City, CA 9395 (PG Millworks), • (831) 392-1229
Vern Brischke Certified Santa Extraordinaire
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Santa Story:

I cant remember the day I stopped believing in Santa. Thats because I never have and never will. Growing up I loved Santa. We where always excited to get our picture with the big man in red every Christmas. I was always so perplexed how he did what he did and how he brought joy to billions of people. It wasn't until I grew up that I realized that Santa Clause, like Christmas itself, was more than just material gifts.Santa is about Love and Hope.

In May 2015, I married my bride Becca and moved to CA. She became pregnant and developed breast cancer the next month. Needless to say that year had its challenges. My daughter was born early Dec16, 2015. 2 months early so as they could start a more aggressive treatment as the cancer spread. I was so disappointed because I knew there was just no way I could take my wife or new baby girl keep the life long tradition of Christmas pictures with Santa. I wanted so badly to have that memories for my daughter, of her and her mother with Santa. The cheer and joy that jolly old soul brings.

When I heard Santa was coming to the hospital. My heart skipped a beat. Would I be able to have this Christmas wish after all? Would we get the picture with Santa? Looking at this situation you would think that a picture with Kris Kringle wouldn't have been that big of a deal, but in those situations normalcy doesn't exist. When the world you know is so far away you don't even know where you are, normal things are welcomed as wonders of the world.

I still remember to this day the bells we all heard as he walked down the hall. We could hear the ho ho ho’s coming from other rooms. Then there he was. This big happy face and a sparkle in his eye and a hardy “Merry Christmas” that touched my heart more than words can describe. He was real. Santa was real and he was standing right in front of us. He gave me a hug and at that very moment I finally discovered what Santa was about.

Santa is literally about presents. He is hope, love and laughter. . Yes, he brought us gifts, stuffed animals always the best, but he also brought a light that shined in our shadows. My daughter was able to meet Santa for the first time with my wife in that hospital room. I remember just being so grateful for us to have something else and someone else to focus on other than our current situation. He brought us a present of mind, happiness, love, and gratitude, and laughter. We absorbed it and it was amazing.

That day we got the first picture of my daughter, my wife and myself with Santa. It was one of the most memorable Christmas experiences I probably will ever have. The joy that we experienced that day changed our lives for the better. Santa was and is real. In fact we have seen Santa every Christmas since. We look forward to having our family tradition continue.

Thank you Santa for all the love and cheer you spread. Thank you for all the presents.